I come from a place where clocks do not exist

sun and ocean indicate time of day

Where turtles hatching on my shorefront

tell me what time of year it is

Where trees are as old as time

And whisper a million stories
Where cracks are filled by defiant flowers

Where soft sea breeze lulls you

into a dreamy state of being

Where you can stop; and just be

Where you keep pace with a hermit crab adopting a shell

Where you take long walks and float

Like a leaf on the gentle shores

Where you make conversation and exchange smileys in person

Where you can feel and taste, touch and be touched.




Munjoh has a literal meaning – “mine”


A beach house meant only for you- to revel in, do as you please, private and decadent.


Handpicked amenities, personally trained staff, painstakingly created interiors, thoughtfully crafted menus of fresh organic produce and a bunch of activities that will keep you enticed.


We are not part of a chain- mass produced and standardized.


We are a handcrafted bouquet of personalized experiences.


Our passion is to provide you with the best service, be the best there is and stay ecological and environment friendly.


Munjoh has been setting trends on the islands from the time we opened. Our hardworking staff is the heart and our wonderful guests are the soul of this beach paradise.


Embark on an adventure and explore these magical islands-experience The Munjoh Life.

© Munjoh Resorts Pvt. Ltd. 2016.


Beach No.5, Havelock Island,

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

+91 9474296200  or  +91 3192212028